ZIEGLER presents the new Z-Class

21. September 2020 | New products

ZIEGLER enters the highlight of the Innovation Rollout 2020 with the presentation of the new Z-Class. The moment everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived: ZIEGLER presents the new royal class of airport firefighting vehicles and thus enters a new era. The new Z-Class shows unprecedented acceleration values, the most powerful drive motor on the market, an extremely spacious cabin (Z-Cab AiR) and much more. Of course the new Z-Control and the new ZIEGLER turrets are also part of the equipment. All information about airport firefighting vehicles at ZIEGLER as well as the development and the top 10 reasons for the new Z-Class can be found here.

Top 10 reasons for the new Z-Class

  1. Most efficient (drive) engine on the market (Z4 and Z6: 770 HP; Z8: 1,540 HP)
  2. The vehicle concept is perfectly adjusted to the high performance requirements (therefore the maximal power transmission of the driving motors is possible)
  3. Innovative, continuously variable transmission with best acceleration values in this market (0 - 80 km/h / 0 - 50 mph: < 28 s with Z6; < 20 s with Z4 and Z8)
  4. Pump & Roll mode can be activated in every driving mode and at any speed
  5. The modular concept, weight distribution and a low center of gravity enable the largest possible quantity of extinguishing agent up to 19,000 l water / extinguishing foam
  6. Certified crew cabin designed according to the highest requirements in terms of ergonomics and user-friendliness (Z-Cab AiR) e.g. ECE R29-3 certified
  7. Extremely spacious crew cabin with a headroom of > 1,80 m
  8. Cabin with all-round visibility thanks to large-scale glazing
  9. User-friendly operating concept (intuitive user guidance) for airport firefighting vehicles by the latest generation of Z-Control
  10. Consistent, functional design of the vehicle; all components of the extinguishing system from one source (pump, foam ad mixing system)

You can find further information in the official press release. 

Z-Class brochure

Z-Class video

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