Our Service

Over the years, your ZIEGLER vehicle and we are always with you!

Buying a ZIEGLER vehicle means the beginning of a long-term partnership with us. As long as your vehicle is still in use, we ensure the supply of the spare parts, provide customer service and maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of old vehicles, as well as the rental of vehicle and equipment.

With our services and technicians, we are always by your side!

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To ensure the full operational capability of your Ziegler products over years – we take it as our target. Thus, the maintenance contract plays an important role in this case. It includes the regular review of the product range. In particular, this means:

  • Maintenance of vehicle structures 
  • Maintenance of vehicle pumps and portable pumps
  • Maintenance of hose-maintenance-equipment

Ziegler Customer Service locations

Security Inspection
by GUV, UVV and DGUV v3
  • Hydraulic rescue equipment
  • Lifting bag
  • High performance ventilator
  • Rescue cushion
  • Generator

We offer this service in places like Giengen, Rendsburg, Mühlau, certainly also directly at your place.

ZIEGLER service consulting

Availabilty by phone

Our employees can be reached by phone during our business hours

Monday - Thursday      7.00 am - 3.45 pm 

Friday                             7.00 am - 12.15 pm


Outside business hours (including weekends, Sundays and holidays), we can be reached on our 24 h hotline.

24 h Service Hotline +49 7322 951-0

Please note

In any case, please have the serial number of the vehicle ready. This can be found on the type plate on the inside of the driver's door. When ordering by fax, please do not forward a written order to avoid double deliveries.


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Leiter Servicecenter Bachhagel

Felix Burkhard
Phone: +49 7322 951  352
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Werkstattleiter Servicecenter Bachhagel - Mechanischer Support, Stellv. Leiter Servicecenter Bachhagel

Markus Wachter
Phone: +49 7322 951  488
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Elektrischer Support

Marco Böck
Phone: +49 7322 951  311
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Stellv. Werkstattleiter Ansprechpartner BW/HIL

Wolfgang Weber
Phone: +49 7322 951  166
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Kundenbetreuung Ansprechpartner BW/HIL

Ott Richard
Phone: +49 7322 951  187
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Disponent Servicetechniker Bachhagel - mechanischer und elektrischer Support

Bernd Danner
Phone: +49 7322 951  740
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Stellv. Disponent Servicecenter Bachhagel - Schlauchpflege Support

Christian Bayerle
Phone: +49 7322 951  447
Ziegler Logo Platzhaler

Disponent Service Bundeswehr Bachhagel

Philipp Sirsch
Phone: +49 7322 951  783
Ziegler Logo Platzhaler

Ersatzteile Servicecenter Bachhagel

Jürgen Brenner
Phone: +49 7322 951  700
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Ersatzteile Servicecenter Bachhagel

Dieter Hahn
Phone: +49 7322 951  285


With our modernization program, Ziegler vehicles which have been used for a long time can have “a second life”. By means of technological innovation and cutting-edge technology, we can bring back the old vehicles to the highest standard in terms of functionality, comfort and safety.

Modern high pressure systems web

Modern high-pressure, extinguishing and foam - admixture system

Ultra Power svo web

Current Pump Generation

Z-Turret 8000 water foam pipe rs red web

Turret and fittings

ALPAS panel reflex web

Modernisation of built-in components

ALPAS superstructure web

Overhaul of chassis and superstructure

FPN 10-2000-3000-1H web

Built-in pumps