We provide security.

What we stand for, who we are and where we're going


We are dedicated to make the world safer and protect lives. 
Therefore, we provide professional state-of-the-art solutions for emergency and rescue management. 
We always give our best by contributing all our professional knowledge, expertise and commitment to develop, produce and test for proven usability.



ZIEGLER will be an international top brand and the customers' first choice for performance.
We will offer the best local individual solutions based on latest generally valid industrial standards in all markets and countries we operate in.
We will do this independently as a flexible partner and at a stable and healthy profitable level.

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We are a part of a strong group

Albert Ziegler GmbH has been a part of the China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (hereinafter "CIMC") - the world's leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment - since 2013. As a part of this strong group, ZIEGLER benefits from the countless number of synergies.

130 years of Quality, Reliability and Innovation

The history of the traditional company begins in the Swabian town of Giengen an der Brenz, where ZIEGLER still has its headquarters today: In 1891, Albert Ziegler (1862 - 1910) founds a company to produce hoses. When the company founder died suddenly in 1910, his wife took over the management of the company and handed it over to her eldest son Kurt (1896 - 1973) in 1918, who headed the company for the next 35 years.  

Today, ZIEGLER is a leading international provider of professional state-of-the-art solutions for firefighting, emergency and rescue management and is dedicated to make the world safe and to protect lives. The comprehensive and professional product range covers all kinds of emergency vehicles, highly specialized pumping and fire extinguishing systems, control and operation solutions to firefighting equipment and services. ZIEGLER products are known by fire departments in over 100 countries for their first-class quality, reliability and durability.

ZIEGLER was, is and will remain an innovative traditional company that always focuses on the brand promise in its actions: ZIEGLER – We provide security.


ZIEGLER Core Competencies

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The patented ZIEGLER
Aluminum Panel System is not only highly flexible, but is especially also extremely durable, protecting the value and service life of the equipment. Fire and rescue vehicles with ALPAS superstructures are extremely reliable vehicles - and long-term are a secure investment.

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Crew cabin

More comfort and security for the crew: Z Cab has set new standards. The new generation now totally re-defines passenger protection: As the first European manufacturer, ZIEGLER is now installing certified airbags and seatbelt tensioners in the crew cabin of fire fighting vehicles. This is the same kind of passenger protection offered in automotive vehicles. 

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Extinguishing technology

Developed and manufactured in-house, ZIEGLER pumps are sophisticated, top-quality products. They are purposely constructed for ease of use, with clearly legible measuring instruments and automatic switching, ventilation and pressure regulator controls. 

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Z-Control and Z-Connect

Clearly arranged, logical, easy to understand, easy to operate even when wearing firefighting gear: These are the requirements derived fThese are the requirements that our Z-Control operating unit fully meets. Z-Connect provides the necessary connection. 

Red Fire Premium Einsatzkleidung


Elevate firefighter safety and performance with our comprehensive range of top-tier firefighting equipment. From durable hoses to specialized clothing, protective gloves, and essential tools for your operation – we've got it all covered.

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For us, the purchase of a ZIEGLER vehicle marks the beginning of a long-term partnership. For as long as your vehicle is in use, we will ensure the supply of spare parts, provide customer service and maintenance work, offer you the repair and modernization of old vehicles as well as the rental of vehicles and equipment.

Quality, Environment, Compliance

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At ZIEGLER, it goes without saying that our quality is always certified. Our products are manufactured based on the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and we can guarantee to our customers that all processes used in manufacturing and supplying our products are always certified.

ZIEGLER has a very high understanding of quality which reflects “made in Germany” standards: ZIEGLER always provides the customers with the best possible solutions for their job and therefore always meets or even exceeds their expectations. This is done by using current technologies and high-grade materials out of which the employees carefully manufacture a quality product.


Environmental safety is also an integral part of our corporate policy. As an integral part of the environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001:2004, we ensure that the applicable legal obligations and environmentally relevant requirements are always adhered to.
Our business partners are also included in our quality and environmental management systems to ensure that our suppliers and their products also meet the ZIEGLER quality and environmental safety requirements 100%.


Albert Ziegler GmbH has implemented a CMS system based on IDW PS 980. Our person responsible for compliance must be notified of any violation or suspicion of a violation. We ask for your support.


Compliance is a very important part of our philosophy.