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Important step towards connection

With the implementation of Z-Connect, the step towards the operation management with real time vehicle data was realized also with the help of our industry leading partners.

The approach of ZIEGLER is holistic. The company focuses on connection: Open interfaces to subject-specific professionals, lead established market providers and necessary information. ZIEGLER focuses on an open, learning system that adapts to the agile dynamic requirements, that is scalable and connects with everything. With this, the deciding operation force is able to make decisions based on the best and full data situation. This is a vision for the future development of the IMBOS platform.

At one glance: The five most important facts 

  • High performing, industrial Hard-Software-System with the highest safety standard in the automotive sector: Transmission Rate, Connectivity, 5 G, cloud based.
    → Ready for every challenge.
  • Technology from the commercial vehicle sector meets the technical expertise from firefighters and the rescue service sector. Usability and an easy User Experience for small and big management tasks of the daily routines of attendance, alert, operation up to debriefing and maintenance. 
  • Continuous system connects products, vehicles, devices, patients and operation forces, scalable and customizable.
    → Inexhaustible diversity.
  • Learning, self-improving system with evaluable data-mining, knowledge gain for future tactic and equipment procurement according to regional or local needs. 
  • Connection to an open platform system with accessible interfaces, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in the interest of ensuring a public safety situation.