ZIEGLER signs agreement with Safety Region Zaanstrek-Waterland

02. August 2021 | Press releases

On Thursday, July 22nd 2021, Marin Schouten, managing director of Ziegler Brandweertechniek B.V., and Frank Kuntz, acting director of Safety Region Zaanstreek-Waterland, signed an agreement for the supply and construction of a foam firefighting vehicle.

Since January 1st 2014, the fire departments in the region Zaanstreek-Waterland have jointly formed one regional fire department: Zaanstreek-Waterland. The eight municipalities in the region form together the Safety Region Zaanstreek-Waterland.

The fire department of this Safety Region employs approximately 110 professionals and 660 volunteers. It is divided into 3 operational areas with 23 fire stations, spread over the entire region." ZIEGLER is of course very pleased to have received this order and to be able to equip the safety region with this vehicle", says Marin Schouten, Managing Director of Ziegler Brandweertechniek. B.V.

The technical data of the vehicles can be found in the official press release. 

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