ZIEGLER presents the new generation of turrets

20. September 2020 | New products

At the ZIEGLER Innovation Summit 2020 on September 17th the new generation of ZIEGLER turrets was presented – next to the premium class of firefightingvehicles – for the very first time live. The selected customers and journalists were enthusiastic about the possibilities which the new ZIEGLER turrets offer fire departments.

10 reasons for the new generation of ZIEGLER turrets

  1. Increase in extinguishing efficiency for ZIEGLER vehicles through optimal coordination of all extinguishing components. Reduction of performance losses by up to 50% by using Z-Turret.
  2. Higher throwing distances of more than 100 m due to verifiable reduction of pressure losses thanks to a new, optimized water flow.
  3. The compact construction leads to a reduction of the construction height of the turret by up to 23%.
  4. Reduction of wear and tear parts, thereby increasing the service life and operating time through the use of modern, brushless electric motors.
  5. Use of highly resistant materials guarantees a particularly long service life. The seawater-resistant, hard anodised aluminum alloy can be CDC coated additionally on request.
  6. Available in the performance classes ZT-6000 (rated output 6,000 l/min) and ZT-8000 (rated output 8,000 l/min) equipped with a certified foam branch pipe, a wide variety of multi purpose nozzles or powder nozzles
  7. Universally configurable with high performance LED headlights, signal lights, cameras etc. and therefore precisely tailored to your requirements. These can even be retrofitted using Plug’n’Play due to modular design.
  8. Standardized communication via FireCAN, thanks to Plug'n'Play the turret is immediately ready for use.
  9. Unique control options with the latest generation of Z-Control, which combines the advantages of intuitive operation of a gaming controller with the tough requirements of a fire department.
  10. With the increased horizontal turning range to almost 360° and a vertical turning range of at least 90°, almost any point around the vehicle can be reached with the turret. 

You can find more information on the official press release. 

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