ZIEGLER awards contract for another up to 50 LF10 KatS for Hesse

14. July 2023 | Press releases

Albert Ziegler GmbH is pleased to announce another major order from the State of Hesse for the delivery of up to 50 vehicles of the type LF 10 KatS on MAN chassis. In the last 10 years ZIEGLER has already delivered more than 250 LF 10 KatS on Daimler or MAN chassis to the fire departments of Hesse. 

The design and the operating concept are each based on the latest generations of ALPAS and Z-Control.

Special equipment agreed with the State of Hesse is available as part of series production according to customer requirements. This results in economical production while at the same time taking into account customer wishes that are specially commissioned by the respective municipality.

Simple, user-friendly and reliable technology also helps Hesse's fire departments in training and in day-to-day operations.

Technical data can be found in the official press release. 

press release


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