IMBOS e.V. becomes a registered association

24. August 2023 | Corporate news

"IMBOS Cloud network, a non-profit association with the responsibility to help – IMBOS e.V."

The new, innovative and forward-looking information management for authorities and organizations with security tasks (IMBOS) becomes a non-profit association.
On April 5th, 2023, the founding members Albert Ziegler GmbH, Eurocommand GmbH, MP-BOS GmbH, Prodico GmbH, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and the individuals Sascha Pomp and Peter Breuer gathered in Berlin to decide on the foundation of the association.

Sascha Pomp, Managing Director of Eurocommand GmbH, was unanimously elected as the first chairman of the association and Peter Breuer, Managing Director of MP-BOS GmbH, was elected as his deputy. The association will be registered in the register of associations in Berlin under their leadership. 

Founding of the association is a logical consequence of the mission

The goal of IMBOS is to create a digital platform for the exchange and networking of critical data from fire departments, rescue services and civil protection authorities throughout Europe. IMBOS aims to foster a community and willingness of participants to make data available to all responders, especially in the societal interest of public safety.

The aspiration is to have critical data available at any time and any place to safely manage situations so that operations can be organized in a targeted manner.
The IMBOS platform will act as a neutral actor and is relevant for all services involved in BOS. IMBOS defines the new standard and will be the seal of approval and quality for highest security, availability and data protection standards.

The availability of IMBOS will significantly improve preventive preparation for security situations, mobilization and efficiency of operations, administrative but also economic evaluation and planning.

Due to the technical progress of the founding partners and other high profile stakeholders, the project has reached a scale that requires further structures. The foundation of the association is the logical consequence and thus combines competence, responsibilities and capabilities from the areas of command support and connectivity products.

IMBOS ready – A seal of quality with the highest standards

The first chairman Sascha Pomp: "Our founding members have a vision and a high demand for performance, interface compatibility and digital networking at any time, at any place, in all areas of the BOS. This makes networked and transparent work possible. More partners will follow, we are very much looking forward to that. Furthermore, we are proud to be a non-profit part of the DRP (Disaster Response Program) and to provide valuable service to the community. The future will be a bit safer for all of us as a result."

The IMBOS Community

The IMBOS platform is realized by leading partners in the industry. The association is supported by regular members, supporting members and honorary members. Members of the association can come from a wide range of industries, institutions, authorities and application areas.

Association members from the industry (full members) provide a variety of cloud-enabled/IoT-enabled products. This provides users with a networkable product to use the IMBOS digital platform to provide and receive data, which is a significant added value for them. In the future, customers will preferentially select their products, which are identified by the IMBOS label, according to this added value.


IMBOS Interface

Compatibility of technical standards and interoperability of different products and services


For members and products, according to the highest security, availability and data protection standards


Management of personal customer user rights, one access for the entire IMBOS platform

IMBOS Dashboard

User interface for individual administration, control and networking of products and services

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