ZIEGLER presents ALPAS of the latest generation

18. September 2020 | Press releases

For ZIEGLER, the INTERSCHUTZ year 2020 would have taken place under the motto #whateverthechallenge from the beginning. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus the world leading firefighting trade fair has been postponed to 2021. Of course, ZIEGLER stands totally behind this decision of the Deutsche Messe and considers it as the only right way. The protection of health of trade visitors, exhibitors, all firefighters and other rescue forces is the most essential thing.

The motto #whateverthechallenge however still remains a guiding principle for ZIEGLER. It is now more important than ever to the manufacturer. Our current situation once again shows that there are challenges which are not predictable.  ZIEGLER responds to this and takes the motto #whateverthechallenge as a foundation stone for the “ZIEGLER Innovation Rollout 2020”. Thanks to the continuous product development and innovations, ZIEGLER is now in a better position than ever and prepared for every single challenge to come.

During the whole year 2020, different innovations will be presented by ZIEGLER. Of course, they will be shown on the INTERSCHUTZ 2021 as well.

ZIEGLER starts the “Innovation Rollout 2020” with the presentation of the latest generation of ALPAS.

Of course, the latest generation of ALPAS has several advantages over the previous ALPAS.

10 reasons for the latest generation of ALPAS

  1. Modular superstructure consisting of front, axle and rear segments. Extended vehicle portfolio due to flexibility with chassis, driver’s cab and wheelbase variations.
  2. Up to 30% less weight in relation to the current superstructure through improved panels.
  3. Double-sided grooves, called load path, allow a flexible fixation inside and outside of the superstructure without drilling. A modification through the customer is possible at all times.
  4. 20 μm anodic coating is applied after the cutting of the panels -> “sealed” cutting edges enable 12 years of guarantee on the ALPAS superstructure.
  5. Increased stability through self-contained segments.
  6. Up to 10% more room volume in the superstructure through protected arrangement of the roller shutters on the rooftop.
  7. Direct access to the load paths under the rooftop. Integrated roller shutter guide rails and lights save material in the interior construction. Better overview and access of equipment with glare-free LED lights for high-contrast lighting.
  8. Space and weight advantages, compared to previous ALPAS generations, create capacity for large water tanks and increase standard requirements in the areas of drinking water protection and load.
  9. Reduced entrance height by 100 mm for easier access and removal of the loading (ergonomics).
  10. High design quality with continuous lines in height and width. Consistent and modern appearance on every chassis. Clean structure. The new ALPAS is uniform for all vehicles from MLF to Z-Class. This results in maximum equality across the entire vehicle fleet.

The new ALPAS is available for every type of vehicle now. The first vehicles with the new ALPAS were constructed, originally the vehicles would have been presented at the INTERSCHUTZ. ZIEGLER will of course keep you up to date and report about the first vehicle with the new ALPAS structure.

Find out more about the new ALPAS in the official press release. 

ALPAS Brochure

ALPAS video 


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