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Area of application:

The vehicles provided for municipal fire departments - from the fire engine with portable pump to the fire trucks, rescue unit fire-fighting trucks and water tender vehicles to rigging and equipment vehicles - are THE vehicles that guarantee security in metropolitan areas, cities and communities. ZIEGLER vehicles satisfy the relevant standard exactly and are unique to the smallest detail. A Guarantee Passport with five certified service performances are the added security that fire departments and the municipalities need - extending far beyond just the product itself.

Area of application: Municipal
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Area of application:

Vehicles used in large industrial plants - such as those in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in steelworks, strip mines or power plants - typically have very specific application profiles and are not subject to any particular standard. We have the experience, competency and technology needed to construct vehicles for requirements of this kind based on specifications - in any size, no matter the kind or volume of extinguishing agent, with high-power pumps and mixing systems as well as with customized special equipment.

Area of application: Industry
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Area of application:

Vehicle configurations specifically designed for the requirements of official authorities and ministries not only require plenty of technical expertise. Basically, was it important is the capability to produce large quantities in consistent quality. Whether for use in civil or disaster protection, or for military or law enforcement purposes or for domestic or foreign operations: We develop a professional solution „Made by Ziegler“ for any task handed to us.

Area of application: Offical authorities
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Area of application:

The design of the ZIEGLER air field fire engines is considered one of the most successful solutions around the world. Z Fleet vehicles have been tried and tested at many international airports for many years: with extremely high-performance, easy to use technology and uncompromising reliability. Our products offered to airports are supplemented by standard vehicle for object protection and for protecting the airport's infrastructure.

Area of application: Airports