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Ziegler LF 10 KatS to the volunteer fire brigade of Steffenberg

13. September 2018 | Vehicle deliveries
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Ziegler HLF 20 to the volunteer fire brigade of Hallenberg

25. June 2018 | New products

On 25.06.2018, we delivered a HLF 20 to the volunteer fire brigade of Hallenberg.


New Ziegler Central Customer Service in Bachhagel

22. September 2017 | Corporate news

Ziegler customers will receive the good all-round service in the new Central Customer Service.

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Industrial vehicle with high reach extendable turret (HRET) for the Zeeland Refinery (Netherlands)

21. June 2017 | Press releases

In mid-June the industrial vehicle with HRET was handed over to the customer in the Netherlands.

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Ziegler delivers 100 vehicles to the county Hesse (Germany)

27. April 2017 | Corporate news Press releases

Since 2012, Ziegler has delivered already 100 LF 10 KatS to various fire brigades in Hesse in total. The contract was awarded by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and sport in Wiesbaden during a collective order.


Ziegler acquires shares of a manufacturer of aerial rescue platforms

08. February 2017 | Press releases

The Albert Ziegler GmbH has acquired shares in the Italian manufacturer of aerial rescue platforms CELA Srl. based in Italy.

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125 Years of Competency and Fellowship

We have been working hand-in-hand with fire departments and first responders for 125 years. We know exactly what is needed. Time and time again, we make use of our range of experience to offer practical innovations, making the work of fire fighters easier and safer.

Quality from a Single Source

From the small fire truck to the giant airfield sweepers: We offer the complete range of vehicles. And if the decision is in favor of ZIEGLER, you always get the whole package: Cab, superstructure, pumps and the full load, all from a single source. In certified ZIEGLER quality, tried and tested in thousands of applications.  

Innovative Technologies

Everything we do, we make sure it stands up to our brand promise. Innovations and developments, each and every one of them from ZIEGLER, set the standards for safety. No demand from day-to-day experience is too much to ask and no detail is left untouched.

AT ZIEGLER, we offer everything relating to fire fighting technology and equipment.

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